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Just Add Gifts

Just add gifts instructed us to help them set up their online e-commerce solution selling gifts to customers online.


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One of the first things we helped just add gifts with was optimising and renaming the hundreds of images, which they had, for all the online gift products they sold.

Web Design Portfolio

Website Functionality

We then moved on to customising the template. They were using for their online shop, e-commerce solution, customising the CSS and adjusting the layout so that it would fit in a little more with their existing website design.

Portfolio - Just Add Gifts Shop

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We also helped with cleaning up data from Excel spreadsheets that contain all the product information and uploading this to the backend of their e-commerce solution via PHP my admin in their my SQL database.

Configuration of the e-commerce solution was also required to integrate it with their card stream processing gateway.

The list of services provided for this web design project include e-commerce integration, CSS, XHTML, graphic optimisation and data migration.

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