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Web Development

Bournemouth Web Development

123 web designWeb Development for you the client, and your website visitors, should be pretty seamless.

What we call the front end, public, or client facing part is the design your visitors see when they visit your website. It's all about a well laid-out page that is pleasing to the eye, easy for visitors to navigate, and accessible.

Web Development

Your Back-End...

123 web designThe 'Back-End' is the clever stuff behind the page, the code programmed by us to control how your website behaves.

You'll probably visit these types of database-driven websites all the time - Amazon, Ebay, Blogs and the like all have code behind the page which allow visitors to interact, post comments, and purchase online.

Web Development

& Content Management

123 web designA typical website for a client who wishes to be able to update their own content, without having to rely on their web designer is known as a 'CMS', or Content Management System.

These websites allow the website owner to login, update the content of their pages and see the results immediately online. No more special offers dating back to 1984!

Web Design

Local Bournemouth Web Design

At 123 Web Design in Bournemouth, the focus is always on results for your website design. Whether you have an existing website which requires re-designing and updating and would like a brief chat, or require a brand new website from scratch, we would love to help with your website design, development and implementation of your website in Bournemouth or the surrounding areas.

We focus on delivering a web design to suit your business, develop your brand and achieve your strategic business objectives.  We believe our work to be succesful when our service delivers on those principles.

123 Web Design Bournemouth

We understand the internet can be a daunting place to explore, even for advanced users.  We'll help you get the results you want and do our best to explain it all without any 'geek-speak'.  Look at our offers below, and call us if you have any questions - we like to talk!

Search Engine Optimisation

You may have heard of terms such as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Website Promotion, and Search Marketing and be wondering what it's all about.  In a nutshell, it's about getting your website in front of targetted customers - customers who are actively searching for you and your product or service.  Find out more about our search engine optimisation in Bournemouth.

Website Design Services

Our website design services in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and Hampshire include website design, web development, starter websites and ecommerce websites. 

We also help you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online marketing, Pay Per Click campaigns and email communications.  We are happy to arrange domain names (website addresses) and web hosting on your behalf.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Nowadays, Content Management Systems (CMS) are rising sharply in demand - ask us about how you can update your own site with information simply and easily, or check out the information on our Content Management Systems page. Call us anytime for a chat.

Bournemouth E-Commerce

Giving your customers the ability to buy your products from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is one of the primary benefits of your ecommerce website. And we give you 3 easy options to help you decide what you want!

Web Design Blog

Catch the latest news on our web design and search engine optimisation blog in Bournemouth.  We'll be posting away furiously in the coming months on topics ranging from website design, SEO, online marketing, graphics, CSS and all things webby.  The keyboard won't know what's hit it..... find out more about our bournemouth web design services...